The London Conference 2021


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Tackling London’s entrenched inequalities


The last two years have been hugely traumatic for the city. COVID-19 spread through certain groups of Londoners more than others because of structural inequalities. Now there’s growing evidence that the longerterm effects of the pandemic have worsened some inequalities – notably on incomeeducation, employment, and healthHas this pushed tackling inequality towards the top of the policy agenda andif so, what is different about now? How can we go about making London a more equal city?  

The long road ahead for London's green recovery


The transition to net zero is one of the city’s biggest challenges. London will need to embrace new ways of moving goods and people to decarbonise its transport system, from promoting walking and cycling, to electrifying vehicles, and increasing use of the river. Londoners agree that tackling climate change is a priority for the capitalbut what does this mean for the way we live?  

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Reclaim our city: Making London safe for women and girls


Everyone has a right to feel and be safe in our city, regardless of their gender. But too many people feel unsafe when travelling, working, or going out at night in London. Many change their behaviour as a result: avoiding certain places, not exercising outdoors, or using more expensive transport options. This affects women and girls of all ages and can be even worse for women of colour, disabled women and trans women. What would a city that is safe be like, and how do we get there? 


Politics and the pandemic


The last five years have been a politically tumultuous period for the whole country, including London. With three prime ministers, two general elections, a Brexit referendum and two heated contests for City Hall, it’s not been short of political events. What lies ahead for the city over the coming 18 months? What should we expect in next year’s local elections? Following a short presentation on London’s political map by Jenna Goldberg, this panel will explore the big issues coming out of the pandemic and discuss how these events might shape votes in the 2022 local elections and beyond.  

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Keeping the engine running: London as a global city


What is London’s position in the world post-Brexit and as we emerge from the pandemic? How must the City adapt to remain a world-leading global city? What policies are needed to strengthen our international links and maintain our soft power? 

Friend or foe? Improving London's relationship with the nation


London has always had a spiky relationship with the rest of the country but over the last five years there’s been a growing sense of resentment directed towards the city from the rest of the country.  How can we reset the narrative on why London matters within the UK’s economy and public life? What role can it play creating a more successful and ‘United’ Kingdom? And what more could London’s leaders and institutions do to strengthen connections between other towns, cities and regions? 

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