Spotlight: The Future of London’s Buses

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Around half of all public transport trips in London are by bus, and the bus network is expected to cope with the extra strain that an additional 70,000 to 80,000 London residents each year will bring.

Yet while politicians are queuing up to announce large infrastructure schemes that are supposed to stimulate growth, there has frankly been very little said about the plight of London’s buses. Last year’s Spending Review saw cuts to TfL’s £200m per year operating grant, a significant chunk of which subsidises London’s buses, and whilst TfL has done great work in maximising limited resources there are questions as to how much further efficiency drives can be stretched.

Are there measures we can take to ensure that London’s buses can carry an increasing number of passengers with decreasing public financial support? Are we getting value for money from the subsidies supporting the network? What will population growth, changing lifestyles and new technology mean for the bus service? Is its future assured, or should we be looking to more radical approaches to London’s transport system?

This event is open to all, and we encourage you to join the debate.

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Panel discussion

  • Stephen Joseph, CEO, Campaign for Better Transport
  • Lord Andrew Adonis, former Transport Secretary
  • Nick Lester, Corporate Director, Services, London Councils
  • Richard Tracey, Member of the London Assembly (Conservative)
  • Leon Daniels, Managing Director, Surface Transport, Transport for London
  • Kristine Beuret, Director, Social Research Associates
  • Darren Johnson, Member of the London Assembly (Green Party)
  • Vincent Stops, Street Policy Officer, London Travelwatch
  • Graham King, Head of Strategic Planning and Transportation, Westminster

The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom


The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom