Sports participation

London Essays – Issue 9: Play

Sports participation

The chart tracks three forms of sports participation for London and the rest of England, and shows that participation in the capital has fallen over the past decade.

The latest figures suggest that less than a quarter of Londoners are members of a club, under a sixth receive tuition, and just over one in ten participate in competitions. The first two figures are higher than the rest of England, the third is marginally lower.

London 2012 was sold to taxpayers on the notion of a lasting sporting legacy for the capital. It may have driven a brief upward spike in competitive engagement and club membership, but it was not enough to reverse the longer-term decline. International cricket and rugby world cup games have recently been held in the capital but they too failed to create an enduring impact.

Access to facilities remains a problem for London – driven by low land availability and high running costs – even though a greater uptake of sports could improve public health and teach valuable life skills.

<em>Source:</em> Sport England.

Source: Sport England.