Street Smarts: Report of the Commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets


Ben Rogers, Director, Centre for London

We at Centre for London are delighted to have been able to convene and support this important Commission. London’s roads and streets make a vital contribution to the capital’s economy, community life, public health and wellbeing. As such, they are at the very centre of our concern. And as the Commission sets out, London has taken steps to address congestion and pollution, and to create a safer and more inviting public realm. But we have much further to go. Congestion and pollution will only get worse as London’s population grows unless we adopt new policies and approaches. London tends to score badly on measures of liveability. Tackling this is imperative if London is going to sustain and build on its standing as great world city – a particularly urgent priority post-Brexit. This report comes at an opportune time. The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has recently launched a draft Transport Strategy for consultation, alongside draft Environment and Housing Strategies. The Commission welcomes the Transport Strategy’s ambitious, if high level, objectives around cleaning up London’s air, reducing reliance on private cars and promoting the use of public transport, walking and cycling. The Commissioners’ radical but practical recommendations show how the Mayor’s
objectives can be realised.

I would like to thank all of the Commissioners for their hard work and Malcolm Grant in particular, for chairing the Commission so well. I’d also like to thank the Commission’s supporters and sponsors, without whom the project would never have been possible. Over the next months and years, Centre for London will build on the work of the Commission, promoting its vision, championing its recommendations, and developing its thinking. We look forward to working with the Mayor, Transport for London, the boroughs and everyone who loves London and wants to see it become a more welcoming, healthier and attractive city.