About the authors

Recipe for change: The case for a London College of Food

About the authors

Nicolas Bosetti

Nico is a Research Manager at Centre for London. He is chiefly interested in cities, governance and regional economic development, and at Centre for London he has co-authored reports on inequality and social mobility, city planning, and London after Brexit. Nico has an MSc in Urban Policy from the London School of Economics and Sciences Po Paris.

Claire Harding

Claire is Research Director at Centre for London. Before joining Centre for London she was the Head of Research at Coram Family and Childcare, where she led on the annual Childcare Surveys. She previously worked in research and development at digital mental health provider Big White Wall, and in public sector research consultancy. Her research interests include education and opportunity, wellbeing, equalities and gender.

Mario Washington-Ihieme

Mario is a Researcher at Centre for London. Her research interests include young people and employment, social mobility and cultural policy. Mario is also a Young Trustee for London Youth. Prior to joining the Centre in 2018, Mario was a Research and Policy Intern at Partnership for Young London and a Research Assistant at the London School of Economics in the Department of Management.