Recipe for change: The case for a London College of Food


We are grateful to all those who provided expert advice and guidance for this report, especially the members of our Advisory Group: Chris Bonner, Existing Sites Lead (City of London Corporation); Claire Pritchard, Chair (London Food Board); Clemency Keeler, Cookhouse & House Tonic Manager (Soho House); Daniel Jeffries, Head of Recruitment (Corbin & King); Dianna Neal (Strategic Lead for Enterprise, Economy and Skills, London Councils); Gary Hunter, Deputy Executive Principal (Westminster Kingsway College); Iqbal Wahhab, Founder (Cinnamon Club and Roast); John Guthrie, Policy Advisor (UK Hospitality); Malcolm John, Restaurateur (Brasserie Vacherin); Mark Sainsbury, Founder (The Zetter Group); Richard Larkin, General Manager (Royal Academy of Culinary Arts); Sara Jayne Stanes, Chief Executive, (Royal Academy of Culinary Arts); Shirley Randle, Head of Talent (Corbin & King).

We would also like to thank our anonymous interviewees – chefs and staff from colleges in London and abroad, apprenticeship providers and charities, for generously giving their time and sharing their insight. Our thanks also go to our colleagues at Centre for London, particularly Sara Gariban for her research work, and Ben Rogers for his input throughout the project. The views in this report are nevertheless solely those of the authors, and all errors and omissions remain our own.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our funders. We would like to thank our Major Sponsor, City of London Corporation; our Supporting Sponsors, Claridge’s and Soho House & Co; and our Funders, The Mark Leonard Trust, The Stanley Foundation, and The Storey Charitable Trust.