Keeping London Open

Better Brexit, Better City

Keeping London Open

London faces both short- and long-term risks from Brexit. In threatening London, these threaten the prosperity of the UK as a whole.

Falling out of the single market without a comprehensive trade deal or adequate transitional arrangements would be catastrophic for London businesses, as would the sudden loss of EU workers. The longer-term risk is more subtle but no less serious – the erosion of the creative edge, conviviality and variety that distinguishes London from so many other cities that offer well-equipped offices and international airports.

London’s resilience and ingenuity will help the city to mitigate these risks and seize the opportunities that will come with them.

But, like other UK cities, London needs to be open, liveable and affordable to do so. In the run-up to June’s general election, political parties and candidates need to demonstrate that they understand the importance of this.