The Brightest Star: A Manifesto for London

A bold agenda for the capital, centred on the devolution of power from central government, alongside measures to strengthen the accountability of London leaders.

London is one of the most dynamic and admired in the world and attracts business and visitors from across the globe. But London’s star shines almost too brightly.  Its very success is putting huge pressure on housing, infrastructure and living standards – at a time when public money is in short supply.

Yet our national politicians often seem unwilling to acknowledge the importance of London to the UK or the scale of the challenges it faces. While all politicians say they are in favour of further devolution from central government, London tends to get overlooked.

There is a real danger of the city falling victim to its own success and becoming an ever tougher, more polarised place.

This manifesto makes the case for further decentralisation across a range of government activity, including:

  • Property taxes and borrowing powers
  • Public services
  • Housing, social rents and housing benefit
  • Young people and education
  • Employment and skills
  • London and the UK