Antonia is Chief Executive Officer at the Centre for London. She joined in September 2023, from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies. Prior to joining the team, Antonia worked in numerous charities, think tanks and campaigning organisations promoting new economic thinking. She has expertise across progressive local economic development, deepening democracy and sustainable economics. Antonia holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Politics and Communications, and a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She is Chair of the board of Rethinking Economics.

Outside of work, Antonia enjoys cooking, live music and is a practising yoga teacher.

What do you love about London?

I love London’s amazing diversity of food, music and culture. As a global melting pot, London is second to none when it comes to the food you can eat, the gigs you can go to and the exhibitions you can attend – brought to us by communities from across the world, who are proud to call London home.

What would you change about London if you could?

Its extreme wealth divide. Despite being the heart of economic growth in the UK, on many metrics of deprivation London is the worst in the UK. Living in Tower Hamlets, which includes both Canary Wharf and one in two children in child poverty, shows me that we need to make sure that growth in the capital is inclusive, and the proceeds are better shared.