Local streets

The London Intelligence – Snapshot of Londoners – Spring 2022

Local streets

Londoners want more space for greenery and walking, one in four want less space for driving 

Some of the most debated local issues revolve around street space allocation. 58 per cent of Londoners wanted to see their street become greener, including more trees – rising to 63 per cent among inner London residents. There weren’t notable differences across age groups, but there were some across politics – with Liberal Democrat and Green party voters more likely to support greener streets. 

51 per cent of Londoners also wanted more space dedicated to walking, rising to 57 per cent among inner London residents and younger people (aged 16-34) compared to only 40 per cent among those aged 55 and over. 

43 per cent of Londoners wanted more space for car parking on their street, while 50 per cent wanted the amount of parking to stay the same or decrease. The number of people who wanted less car parking space was slightly higher in inner London (16 per cent, compared to 11 per cent in outer London. This is perhaps higher than would be expected given 46 per cent of London households don’t have a car (this rises to 61 per cent in inner London).

Although a majority of Londoners think cycling is unsafe, only 33 per cent would support having more space for cycling, while 18 per cent would oppose this. This might be because residential streets can be narrow and cycle lanes are difficult to accommodate there – though there are other options to improve safety, for example through introducing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. 

There was least support for creating more space for driving – 28 per cent supported this, while 24 per cent of Londoners wanted to see less street space allocated for driving (27 per cent in inner London).