Meanwhile, in London: Making use of London’s empty spaces


We are grateful to all those who have given us their expert advice and feedback throughout this project, especially the members of our Advisory Group: Brenda Bates (Director, Communications and Business Services, U+I); Peter Bishop (Professor of Urban Design, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL); Justin Brand (Director, Commercial Revenue, Transport for London); Eddie Bridgeman (Director, Meanwhile Space CIC); Sarah Coutts (Head of Design and Planning, Barking Riverside Ltd); Maria Diaz-Palomares (Policy Officer, Economic Business Policy, Greater London Authority); Lauren Gillett (Head of Projects, Camden Town Unlimited); Jack Hopkins (Deputy Leader, London Borough of Lambeth); Jamie Izzard (Senior Manager, London Economic Action Partnership); Rob McNicol (Principal Strategic Planner, Greater London Authority), Simon Pitkeathley (Chief Executive, Camden Town Unlimited); Mandar Puranik (Programme Manager, Area Renewal and Regeneration, London Borough of Sutton); and Nick Wigner (Head of Strategy & Investment, Commercial, Peabody).

We would like to thank all the anonymous interviewees for generously giving their time and openly sharing their experiences with us. Our thanks also go to our colleagues at Centre for London, particularly to Richard Brown, for helping to see this project through, to Kat Hanna (Associate Director, Urban Change, Cushman & Wakefield) for devising the research, and to Gavin Chait (Data Scientist, for contributing to this research. The views in this report are nevertheless solely those of the authors, and all errors and omissions remain our own.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We would like to extend our thanks to Major Sponsor, U+I, and Supporting Sponsors: Barking Riverside, London Borough of Sutton, London Economic Action Partnership, Peabody, and Transport for London.