About the authors

Fair access: Towards a transport system for everyone

About the authors

Silviya Barrett

Silviya is Research Manager at Centre for London. Silviya heads up Centre for London’s Transport and Environment research programme and worked on the 2017 Commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets. She also leads on the quarterly London Intelligence and has authored reports on affordable housing and young Londoners’ aspirations. Prior to joining Centre for London in August 2016, Silviya worked at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where she managed the research and survey programme and authored reports on issues affecting London businesses.

Sara Gariban

Sara is Senior Researcher at Centre for London and has conducted research into barriers for housing delivery. Before joining the Centre in January 2019, Sara worked as a Policy and Projects Officer at the think tank ResPublica, and as a Researcher at Ipsos MORI. Sara has worked on policy research for a range of government departments, campaign groups, and private sector organisations. Sara is also a member of the Market Research Association and holds the Market Research Society’s Advanced Certificate.

Erica Belcher

Erica is Researcher at Centre for London. She works on the quarterly London Intelligence and has co-authored reports on road user charging, public space and health and wellbeing. Erica’s research interests include urban transport planning and the built environment. Prior to joining Centre for London, Erica was Research Intern at the New Local Government Network.