Fair access: Towards a transport system for everyone

This report examines how shortcomings in transport affordability, connectivity and accessibility hold back different groups in the capital – including young, older, disabled, ethnic minority and low-income Londoners.

Transport has a huge impact on Londoners’ lives. It unlocks job opportunities, helps us access education and connects us to family and friends.

But the capital’s transport system does not offer the same benefits to everyone. Not everyone can afford high transport costs. Not all areas are well connected. And not everyone is physically able to access the network.

How can we make London’s transport system fairer? 

The report develops a new framework to examine transport fairness and recommends that the Mayor of London and Transport for London should:

Review fares and concessions

While there are concessions and discounts to help disabled people or those on low incomes, such as benefits claimants and jobseekers, the report calls on the Mayor to review fare structures and concessions to improve affordability for other disadvantaged groups.

Review zone boundaries

It recommends that zone boundaries should be reviewed to ensure they reflect the shifting geographies of poverty and affordability. This could include reviewing zones for stations that are in low-affordability areas such as Becontree in Barking and Dagenham, or South Tottenham and Tottenham Hale in Haringey.

Improve the travel experience

The report calls on Transport for London to create a mobile journey planner and a system of mobility credits to allow personalised travel information and tailored discounts and subsidies for low-income and disabled Londoners.

Re-evaluate transport decision making

Finally, to address the embedded inequalities in London’s transport system, the report calls on the Mayor, boroughs and planners to re-evaluate how transport planning and investment decisions are made to place greater emphasis on the travel needs of disadvantaged Londoners, while providing better transport infrastructure for areas of low connectivity.

The most deprived areas in London and connectivity levels


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