Press Release

Centre for London responds to Sadiq Khan’s draft London Plan

Responding to the draft London Plan, Ben Rogers, Director at Centre for London said:

“London is under pressure from all sides. With population growth continuing, land and infrastructure are under strain and soaring housing costs are increasing inequality. This is threatening the city’s future as a fair and prosperous global capital.

“Sadiq Khan’s draft London Plan and his vision for Good Growth seek to address these issues head on. It marks some significant shifts from previous plans, including

  • a stronger focus on pushing up densities,
  • building more around existing centres and transport hubs,
  • an emphasis on walking and cycling, and
  • more attention paid to working with local authorities beyond the M25.

“Some of the solutions proposed, such as more housing and higher densities in London’s suburbs, will be controversial, but London needs a step-change in housing delivery to meet its needs, so radical thinking is not only justified, but essential.

“All of the policies put forward will be intensively analysed and debated in coming weeks and months. We look forward to engaging with the Mayor during this consultation period.”