Press Release

Car-free day gives Londoners glimpse of the future

Responding to the Mayor of London’s announcement that London will have a Car Free Day in September, Silviya Barrett, Research Manager at Centre for London, said:

“A Car Free Day will give Londoners a brief glimpse of what the future of our city could be; a people-friendly city with cleaner air.”

“But one day of action will only go so far – we need to lock-in car-free lifestyles for good. We must make it easier for people across the city to leave their cars at home by investing in walking, cycling & public transport. And the Mayor should introduce a city-wide charging scheme, which charges drivers per-mile on the most congested and polluted roads.”


  • Silviya Barrett is available for interview.
  • Centre for London is the capital’s dedicated think tank. The Centre has published research on the future of London’s roads and streetsroad user charging, and is currently undertaking research on planning for future mobility.