Spotlight: Divided City: Integration in London

This event has already taken place.

The Social Integration Commission, chaired by the RSA’s Matthew Taylor, recently reported that London is less integrated than the rest of the UK. London is home to the highest population of immigrants and largest number of ethnic groups of any region in the country, while its boroughs range from those with the lowest rates of poverty of any UK Local Authority, to its very highest.

But London’s diversity does not translate to the experiences of its people. When adjusted for local context, the average Londoner is proportionally less exposed to members of other social and ethnic groups than the average Briton. Should, and could, we be doing more to ensure a better integrated city?

We’ll be gathering a panel of experts to discuss the story of integration in London: the factors shaping our communities, current trends in movement and migration, and what policymakers can and should do to ensure a prosperous and healthy city.


Panel discussion

  • Munira Mirza, London’s Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture
  • Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics, Birkbeck University
  • Mark Rusling, Waltham Forest Councillor and Manager, Social Integration Commission
  • John Biggs, London Assembly Member
  • Stephen Bediako, Founder, The Social Innovation Partnership

The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom


The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom