Ideas for London Salon – Summer 2014

This event has already taken place.

Fresh from a long winter of hibernation, the Ideas for London Salon is back!

This next salon sees us return with a Tech City themed event.

We’re all interested in seeing the tech sector in London grow, but it needs to grow in the right way. Currently, companies in the Old Street cluster that is Tech City are having difificulties finding people with the skills their businesses need. At the same time, the boroughs that suround Tech City have higher than average youth unemployment.

This Salon focuses on ideas to solve the tech city skills gap by developing local talent on East London’s doorstep.

How can the tech community engage more effectively with local schools? What kind of workers do tech companies of the future need? How will schools respond to the new requirements to teach coding and how can Tech City help?


Teaching Tech

Debbie Forster, CEO, Apps for Good

Teaching Kids to Code

Alistair Blackwell, Chief Technology Officer, Decoded

Why Apprenticeships Matter

Tech City Stars

#GrowTechCity Project

Jess Tyrrell, Centre for London


With thanks to our venue partner

Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square, London, United Kingdom


Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square, London, United Kingdom