This is for Everyone: How Digital Learning Programmes Can Connect Tech City to Local talent

The tech sector in inner east London is booming, but digital employers are facing  a shortage of skilled workers. If the skills gap is not addressed, London’s economy will suffer.

Digital skills are essential to the growth of the tech sector, and by extension the growth of London. There are more people working in the technology and information sector in London and the surrounding regions than in all of California.

The sector is an economic engine for London, and to fuel its continued growth Londoners, beginning with primary school students, must be equipped with the digital skills needed to be a part of this success.

It is well documented that London is facing a serious skills gap, with more tech jobs available than skilled workers to fill them. Creating pathways for people to become a part of the vibrant tech ecosystem in London is essential to ensuring London’s place as a leading digital city.

This project aims to radically increase the number of young East Londoners
developing digital skills and securing a future in the local digital economy.
It is motivated by a desire to improve the life chances of local young people
and help the digital economy by increasing the supply of people with the
skills its needs.

The data and recommendations in this report will help all key stakeholders – from government to academia and industry – make more informed and strategic investments in the digital learning ecosystem.