A prosperous, global London in the 21st century

This event has already taken place.

London’s economy has been hit hard by the pandemic. The growth of the past 30 years has stalled, the future of Central London is uncertain and the effects of Brexit are yet to be realised. What will London’s place in the world look like 30 years from now?

The event is part of Phase 2 of London Futures, our major strategic review of London.

This private roundtable will focus on the key competitive forces and strategic decisions that will shape London’s place in the global economy.

  • What is the nature of the future global economy likely to be, and how should London seek to position itself?
  • What sectors of the economy should London seek to foster, and what might it shed?
  • How can London’s economy generate prosperity, while becoming greener and fairer?
  • What changes in work and working patterns might we see and what might they mean for London’s economic geography?

Our London Futures review will foster the new thinking that London needs to sustain its success and tackle its growing challenges.


This roundtable is part of Phase 2 of our London Futures project, which is generously supported by