Developing trust: strengthening public participation in London’s planning system


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Community voices


Residents and communities often feel marginalised by the development process and say that their voices are not heard. In this session we’ll hear from members of the public who will share their personal experiences of the planning system and how they think it can be improved.

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Public engagement in strategic planning


The planning system is meant to begin with the development of city-wide, local and neighbourhood plans that set out a framework for the development of an area. Planners often argue that the best way of ensuring public support for development is to engage the public at this stage of the planning process, forging a shared vision and support for core plans and policies.

Individual schemes: developers, local authorities and public participation


Who benefits? Affordable housing, community benefits and public trust


It’s often said that our development model does not offer enough to local people affected by new schemes – people would be more supportive of new development if it provided more by way of affordable housing, improved public services and infrastructure or new economic opportunities.