The Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement

Public planning – a manifesto for London

The Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement

In their first six months in office we are calling on the Mayor to publish a Statement of Community Involvement, which is co-produced with Londoners and builds on the strong ideas in the London Plan. It should include:

  • Committing to the principles that public and community participation in planning in London should be informed, early, sustained, diverse, transparent and supported;
  • Demonstrating how these will be put into action for the assets and buildings that the Mayor controls, as well as in the planning policies that they set in the next London Plan;
  • Saying what they believe good community development looks like, as a step to developing an accreditation scheme;
  • Recommending innovative and achievable ways for local authorities and developers to put these principles into action in their own work.

For more proposals on the content of a Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement, see the statement by Collective Community Action.