Productivity and Skills in London

A series of events exploring how we can boost the productivity of London’s workforce to ensure the city remains innovative, open and prosperous. This series has been developed in collaboration with McKinsey & Company.

London’s productivity challenges

Productivity is a fundamental driver of national prosperity. As a national capital and global city, London is a leading contributor to that prosperity. Yet a number of challenges lie ahead.

As automation and technological developments change the way we do business, we must ensure Londoners have the skills needed for the jobs of the future. And as the Brexit negotiations unfold, a great deal of uncertainty remains regarding how London will need to adapt commercially, and the impact of changes to freedom of movement.

This event series aims to tackle some of these pressing challenges, and explores opportunities to boost London’s productivity, with a particular focus on improving gender parity and inclusive growth.

The series is comprised of three events

Roundtable: Automation and upskilling London’s workforce

This roundtable addresses how London can boost the skills and productivity of its workforce to prepare for automation. How can we ensure London’s employers can remain competitive by providing training and education throughout people’s working lives? What is the nature of the link between technological advancement and productivity rates in a thriving city?

This event will take place on Tuesday 4 July 2017.

Panel discussion: Gender parity and productivity

This panel discussion will explore the connection between gender parity and productivity. McKinsey’s 2016 report The Power of Parity shows that by decreasing the gender participation gap, each region in the UK has the potential to gain 5–8 per cent in GDP, with the largest opportunities in London, the North West, and South East. But to achieve that, both society and the workplace need to change at a faster pace.

This event will take place on Wednesday 11 October 2017.

The London Conference: Fair City

Finally, Centre for London is proud to welcome McKinsey & Company back as a Principal Sponsor of The London Conference 2017. This year the event will look at issues of inclusive growth and economic fairness. The Conference will dive down on themes around the future of work, educational opportunities, and ensuring we are including all Londoners in the city’s future prosperity.

This event will take place on Thursday 16 November 2017.

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