Private Roundtable

The future of women at work: transitions in the age of automation

This event has already taken place.

Automation is set to transform the labour market over the next twenty years.

This development could bring great benefits, lessening demand for low skilled and repetitive work and boosting productivity. But it will also pose big challenges, especially for women, who are more likely to do jobs vulnerable to automation. Between 40 and 160 million women globally may need to adapt their skills and change occupations by 2030.

Centre for London is holding a roundtable to hear more about McKinsey’s new research, explore what it might mean for London and the UK, and discuss what policy makers, educators and employers can do to ensure that the next phase of labour market disruption works for women and advances gender equity.

This private event is hosted by Ben Rogers, Director of Centre for London, and lead by Anu Madgavkar, McKinsey Global Institute. It will bring together leaders and experts from across the public and private sectors, as well as representatives from local authorities and the Mayor’s office.

This event is invite-only. If you would like to register your interest to attend please email

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