Press Release

Centre for London responds to National Planning Policy Framework overhaul

Responding to today’s major overhaul of the National Planning Policy Framework, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London said:

“Housebuilding in London has missed mayoral targets for more than 15 years, so changes that will help more homes get built are welcome.

“But today’s announcements risk missing the vital role that local authority planning departments play in unlocking development and ensuring high standards.

“London boroughs’ spending on planning and development has fallen faster than any other service area in recent years. Per capita expenditure on planning in 2017/18 budgets was 59 per cent lower than the amount spent by councils in 2010/11.

“The reality is that budget cuts have made it hard for boroughs to invest in active master planning and community engagement.

“The draft London Plan sets out ambitious targets for building in the suburbs, yet this is where opposition to development is often greatest. If these boroughs are to deliver on their targets they will need extra capacity, as well as smarter working, to bring local residents on side and create great places.”