Press Release

Response to the Mayor’s ‘London and the UK’ report

In response to the Mayor’s London and the UK: A Declaration of Interdependence report, Ben Rogers, Director of Centre for London said:

“Cities and regions across the country face very different challenges and opportunities. Devolution would give them the power to develop bespoke approaches to meeting these while responding to citizens’ desires for more control over their lives, especially as powers are returned from Brussels post-Brexit.

“When he was Mayor of London, Boris Johnson called for a similar package of reforms. He now has the opportunity to listen to calls from the current Mayor of London and civic leaders across the country, and make a reality of devolution and empowerment.”

Notes to Editors

  • Centre for London published London, UK in February 2019 which explored how London’s relationship with the UK has changed and set out new thinking on how the capital can better connect with its nation state.