How can we plan for future mobility in London’s new developments?

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Transport experts say that we are on the brink of a “new age” of mobility, which could be as transformative as the advent of the private motorcar.

Autonomous vehicles, electric bikes and delivery drones could all have deeper implications for how we use streets and buildings. But if we continue to design for the technologies and habits of the 20th Century – private car ownership, the daily commute to work or school, and weekly trips to the shops – will new development risk becoming obsolescent as new technology takes hold?


New development offers the chance to take a new approach to planning for mobility – one which designs in non-car-dependent lifestyles from the outset, which is adaptable, and which accommodates the kerb and road space demands of new mobility services. How good is London at doing this? What can we learn from other cities?

Join us at the launch of our latest research to discuss with leading London developers, urban designers and civil engineers how we should plan and design the new pieces of the city to accommodate the future of mobility. Questions will include:

  • What future technologies are likely to take hold in city environments? What would they mean for new developments?
  • How can we build adaptability into new developments, so they can accommodate new mobility patterns and services?
  • What does exemplary look like when it comes to designing for future mobility? Does London need new guidelines to prepare?



08:30 Arrivals

09:00 Presentation & panel discussion

10:00 Networking & refreshments

10:30 Event close


Featured speakers include

Harbinder Birdi, Partner & Head of Infrastructure and Transport Sector, Hawkins/Brown
Nicolas Bosetti, Research Manager, Centre for London
Councillor Clare Coghill, Leader and Executive member for Business, Europe and Good Growth, London Borough of Waltham Forest
Fatema Karim-Khaku, Senior Transport Planner, Arup
Roger Madelin, Head of Canada Water Development, British Land
Kate Spiliopoulos, Head of Events, Centre for London

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