The London Intelligence – Issue 9


The ninth edition of The London Intelligence focuses exclusively on how London’s population is changing over time, taking a fresh look at annual demography data.

In the year to July 2018, the capital’s population grew by a modest one per cent to 8.9 million people, driven by net international migration and natural change – in line with longer-term trends. While the number of people leaving London for elsewhere in the UK has crept up over the last couple years, this has been largely offset by the number of people coming into London from across the country.

Looking at population trends across the capital, the population of outer London grew at a slower pace than in inner London, and the boroughs that have seen the largest increases are not necessarily the densest. And though London’s population has been ageing, it remains the youngest region in the country.

While there has been a big jump in National Insurance Number registrations in London by foreign nationals, much of this can be attributed to expanded operational capacity. Although EU registrations continue to outnumber non-EU ones, there has been a much bigger increase year-on-year increase in non-EU registrations than EU ones.