Trading Places: Maximising London’s Exports Potential

Making the case for better integration of services and for enhanced efforts to make the most of London’s huge export potential.

London has a long and rich history as a trading city, stretching back to Roman times and beyond. The form and pattern of trade in London has evolved, and the city has proved remarkably adaptable.

However, in today’s globalised and fast-changing world, exports are becoming ever more important as a source of economic dynamism. Growth in European economies remains sluggish at best, and businesses must look beyond their traditional trading partnerships.

Both the UK Government and the Mayor of London have made growing exports a priority. London should be in a leading position, but information about the capital city’s exports is limited, and support to businesses is inconsistent.

This report seeks to identify how London can make the most of its export potential. It draws together existing data on London’s exports, how they have changed over time and how they compare with other major trading cities. The report looks at businesses’ experience of exporting and the support provided by government.

The report goes onto make recommendations to enhance the services on offer, ensure better integration, reach out to firms with untapped potential, and enable better data collection and evaluation.


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