London ideas

London ideas: An optimistic future

Welcome to the fourth issue of London ideas. Through essays and interviews, we'll be exploring what an optimistic future for the capital looks like.

London has had an extraordinary year, but as we emerge from the pandemic there are reasons to be hopeful. Our city is changing fast, and we want to be part of an ongoing discussion and debate. What might an optimistic future for London look like?

This issue of London ideas looks a little bit different. We will be publishing three waves of new thinking every couple of months right here.

This month we’ve published our third and final wave of ideas, which focus on the capital’s places. We’ve got an interview on future-proofing our buildings and city centres, alongside pieces on how to successfully supply London with renewable energy and ensure the city continues to innovate with smart technology going forward.

How can modern design enhance heritage buildings while also building green? What smart infrastructure might London need to improve the city centre? And where should we be getting our energy from to support this?

What do we want our city centre to look and be like in the future? How will we move around? Where will we want to live, work and spend our time?

Perhaps the greatest reason to be optimistic about change to our city is that we have ‘bounced back’ and changed so many times before. What are the ingredients for London’s continued success?