Steven is Director of Development at the Centre for London. He joined in August 2023 and has previously worked in a number of research, advocacy and campaigning organisations, e.g. Feedback, Global Witness, CND, Liberty, Friends of the Earth. He has expertise across a wide range of fundraising and operational areas. Steven holds a PhD in Philosophy and has published and taught the subject for several years.

Outside of work, Steven plays Dungeons & Dragons every Tuesday night with friends he has known since school.

What do you love about London?

Some cities are a good fit for certain kinds of people: for young people, or those who are more settled; for families, or entrepreneurs, or artists, or immigrants. But this city is everything and more, for anyone, at any age. London is the whole world in one place.

What would you change about London if you could?

I would move it to the coast. I grew up right by the sea, in Northern Ireland, and I miss it. Failing that, the next best thing would be to make so much more of the Thames and its other waterways. If you cannot move the city to the sea, move the sea to London!