Alexandra was Research Manager at Centre for London. She joined the Centre in 2022 and was responsible for managing research projects on a range of topics.

Before joining Centre for London, Alexandra worked as a Civil Servant for over three years, where she completed a range of international-facing roles in different departments.

Alexandra has a degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics and in her spare time writes a non-partisan foreign policy blog. Her research interests include philosophy, spirituality and statecraft, as well as the range of public policy areas covered by Centre for London.

Outside of work Alexandra enjoys reading, listening to music and spending time in nature.

What do you love about London?

I love the diversity of London. Being in a city where there are so many cultures at your doorstep really creates a sense of vibrancy and freedom!

What would you change about London if you could?

I love that London is so big, but sometimes travelling across such a huge city can be exhausting! I’d implement teleportation zones so I could travel from Enfield to Wimbledon quicker 😉