Press Release

Response to London shared e-scooter trial

Responding to the news that London will have a year-long trial of e-scooter rental schemes from spring, Rob Whitehead, Director of Strategic Projects at Centre for London said:

“E-scooters look like being a good solution for getting Londoners around safely and efficiently, as well as discouraging them from using cars, reducing congestion and emissions.

“We welcome the news that Transport for London will be conducting a year-long trial of shared e-scooters  from the spring, with a third of London boroughs already signed up to take part.

“But Londoners don’t live by borough boundaries so it’s important that more of them continue to sign up to the trial over the next few months.

“We also urge the rapid consideration by government, the Mayor, and the boroughs, of legalising privately owned e-scooters, and the development of a roadmap for encouraging the use of lower carbon, small vehicles in London.”