Press Release

Our response to Met Office’s Red Extreme heat warning

Responding to the Met Office’s first ever Red warning for exceptional heat in the UK this week, Nick Bowes, Chief Executive, Centre for London said:

“The unprecedented heat forecast Londoners are experiencing is exposing just how unprepared the city is for the effects of climate change. Experts predicted that 40C would be seen at some point in the future in the UK, but not as soon as 2022. As a result, the race to net zero has just become all the more critical.

There’s no point beating about the bush – heat of this kind is a killer. That’s why, with more of this expected in future years, London is going to need to redouble efforts to reduce emissions and adapt to the worst impacts of climate change on the city’s homes, workplaces, public transport and urban realm.”ENDS

Notes to editors 

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