A Mayor to champion community involvement

We’re taking up a campaign launched by Collective Community Action (CCA) to ensure that the next Mayor of London champions community involvement in the way that the city gets built and managed.

Over the next month, we’re writing a manifesto that sets out how communities can take centre-stage in the process of urban change. We believe that if London really is going to bounce back better, professionals, politicians and community organisations will have to work together much more effectively alongside the public, to shape the kind of city that benefits everyone.

Whichever candidate wins the election on 6 May, we are calling for them to publish a Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement and transform how local communities are engaged in planning. This collaboration between Centre for London and CCA will set out how the next Mayor can make this happen, with a manifesto scheduled to launch in early March.

This work has been generously supported by our Partner FT’Work Trust.


About Collective Community Action 

Collective Community Action (CCA) is a network of diverse individuals united by a shared goal to debate, provoke and propose the changes needed to ensure communities lie at the heart of urban change. We think London needs to get serious about educating and empowering citizens and professionals to take part collectively in the way that their city is planned and developed.

If you’d like to join this call for a Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement, sign up, share this post with your networks, and look out for the manifesto in March.




This work has been generously supported by ftwork.