The Capital in the 21st Century

This event has already taken place.

Centre for London are hosting two debates at the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences asking the question: what can London and the next government do for each other?

This year has seen senior figures in both the Labour and Conservative parties speak out in favour of greater devolution to city regions across the country. The referendum on Scottish independence has also put the decentralisation of powers at the forefront of the political agenda. We’ll be asking how the next government can help London build on its success and make a stronger contribution to the UK, and what Londoners will be looking for in the next election.

These events are outside the conference secure zones, and as such are open to all. We hope you can join us.

Conservative Conference, Monday 29 September

Colin Stanbridge, Chair, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Steven Norris, former Conservative Mayor of London candidate

Ben Rogers, Founding Director Centre for London

Alexandra Jones, Director, Centre for Cities

Austin Court, Birmingham