Low Pay London

This event has already taken place.

The cost of living in London is rising and wages are stagnating. The issue of low pay is one of London’s key challenges, affecting people across the city.

We are launching two new research papers jointly produced by Centre for London and Trust for London which get to the root of low pay issues.

With London’s economy so distinct from the rest of the country, we ask whether there is a case for a London Minimum Wage, and at what rate this might be set. Our new report London Rising, authored by former Treasury minister Kitty Ussher, adapts the Low Pay Commission’s methodology to a London context and finds that London’s economy could bear a higher minimum wage rate than the rest of the UK.

We will also be discussing better ways of enforcing a statutory Minimum Wage. Settle For Nothing Less, from Andy Hull, proposes policies which could improve working lives not just in London but across the country.

Join us on 3rd December when we put to a panel of experts our proposals for meeting these low pay issues. This public event is free and open to all.

Panel discussion

Kitty Ussher, Managing Director Tooley Street Research

Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham

Gerard Lyons, Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London

Andy Hull, report author and Islington councillor

Andrew Boff, Leader of the Conservative Group, London Assembly

Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive, Trust for London

Bill Wells, Deputy Director, Labour Market Directorate, BIS

The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom


The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom