Innovation Districts: The London Context

This event has already taken place.

We invite you to attend a public discussion on innovation and the future of the London economy with Bruce Katz, Founding Director of the Metropolitan Policy Programme at the Brookings Institution. Brookings has recently published a number of important papers arguing that we are seeing a profound shift in the locus of economic innovation, with new ideas and new products increasingly emerging from distinctly urban ‘innovation districts’.

Bruce will be discussing Brooking’s work on innovation districts with a panel including innovation expert Charles Leadbeater, Director of Centre for London Ben Rogers, economist Bridget Rosewell, UCL Vice-Provost Stephen Caddick, and Nesta’s Stian Westlake. We will be asking what the relevance of new thinking on innovation districts has for London and what London can learn from other cities.

Please join us for what promises to be an important and stimulating discussion.


The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom


The Exchange, London Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom