Borough elections guide with Dave Hill & Lewis Baston

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 Join us and for an evening event to analyse the capital’s complex and fascinating politics. Dave Hill and Lewis Baston will be presenting their guide to the 2018 London Borough Elections.

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On 3 May, Londoners will go to the polls to elect councillors for all 32 London boroughs. Will Labour take control of even more councils than they run now? Do the Conservatives have any grounds for hope, anywhere in the capital? Can the Lib Dems bounce back from their recent reverses? Will UKIP and the Greens disappear? How will vote shares swing across the metropolis, from Uxbridge to Upminster and all points in between? Will Haringey become the nation’s first “Corbyn Council”? How on Earth do you make sense of what goes on in Havering?

The questions don’t stop there.

What will the various borough outcomes reveal about how Londoners as a whole feel about the way their city if changing and about the national government, Brexit and public services in general, as well as their local council tax levels and rubbish collection arrangements? Will we underline still more heavily that we think and feel differently about big national issues (and just about everything else) from most of the rest of the United Kingdom? If so, what would that mean for the future of the capital?

About the speakers is run and largely written by Dave Hill, the award-winning former Guardian London commentator along with a pool of guest writers who know how London works. Dave has recently raised £25,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to help the site keep going and growing and has the On London T-shirt to prove it.

Lewis Baston is one of the country’s top electoral numbers crunchers and political analysts, and a distinguished consultant and historian. He is the author of several books and if anyone can explain why one ward in Merton has been represented by Residents’ Association candidates and no else since 1990, it is him.

Ben Rogers is director of Centre for London, the capital’s dedicated think tank, a prolific provider of research on and and insights into the world’s greatest city, its strengths and its weakness and the challenges it faces.

Councillor Sarah Hayward, is a former leader of Camden Council.


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