A recovery plan for the West End


Erica Belcher

Erica is a Researcher at Centre for London and has co-authored reports on sustainable development, urban planning, and the management of public spaces. Erica’s research interests chiefly include urban mobility and demography. She has an MSc in Comparative Politics.

Nicolas Bosetti

Nico is a Research Manager at Centre for London. He is chiefly interested in cities, governance and regional economic development, and at Centre for London he has co-authored reports on inequality and social mobility, city planning, and London after Brexit. Nico has an MSc in Urban Policy.

Richard Brown

Richard is Deputy Director of Centre for London, where he has worked directly on urban economics, housing, politics and governance projects. He previously worked at London’s Olympic Park legacy corporation, and for the Mayor of London. He has degrees in philosophy and ancient history, and politics and administration.