Reclaim the kerb: The future of parking and kerbside management


The authors would like to thank all those who provided expert advice and guidance on this report, especially the members of our Advisory Group: Gossica Anichebe (Project Officer, Parking and Markets Service/Street Trading, Hackney Council); Ben Boutcher-West (Head of Mobility, AppyWay); Hugh Brennan (Transport Programme Manager, Highways and Public Realm, Westminster City Council); Anthony Hall (Head of Parking Services, London Borough of Waltham Forest); Philip Hoare (Head of Parking & Infrastructure, Environment Commissioning Group, London Borough of Barnet); Gareth James (Senior Transport Project Officer, London Borough of Hounslow); Nick Lester-Davis (Consultant); Andrew Luck (Transport Manager, London Councils); Sam Margolis (Transport Policy and Programmes Team Manager, London Borough of Camden); Dominic Millen (Group Leader – Transport Planning and Policy, Enfield Council); Julian O’Kelly (Head of Technology, Innovation & Research, British Parking Association); and Josephine Vos (Manager, London Plan and Planning Obligations team, Transport for London).

We are particularly grateful to all our borough and stakeholder interviewees who generously offered their time and expertise to the project.

Special thanks are also due to Martin Wedderburn for his support with proposals, analysis and drafting, as well as the team at Centre for London. The views in this report are nevertheless solely those of the authors, and all errors and omissions remain our own.

This project would not have been possible without our Supporting Sponsors; AppyWay, Enfield Council, Hackney Council, London Borough of Barnet, London Borough of Camden, London Borough of Hounslow, London Borough of Waltham Forest and Westminster City Council.