Next-door Neighbours — collaborative working across the London boundary


We are grateful to our advisory group for their expert advice and feedback: Heather Bolton (Director, South East England Councils), John Denham (Director, Southern Policy Centre), Fiona Fletcher-Smith (Executive Director, Development and Environment, GLA), Ian Gordon (Emeritus Professor of Human Geography, LSE), Alex Jan (Director, City Economics, Arup), Stuart Jarvis (Director of Economy, Transport and Environment, Hampshire County Council), Kris Krasnowski (Deputy Director, London & South East, Cities & Local Growth Unit, DCLG & BEIS), Kevin Lloyd (Head of Economic Growth, Surrey County Council), Peter O’Brien (Research Associate, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies), Jörn Peters (Senior Strategic Planner, GLA), Kathy Slack (Executive Director, Enterprise M3 LEP), and Corinne Swain (Fellow, Arup).

We are grateful to the officers and/or members of the following organisations for their contribution: Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, Enterprise M3 LEP, Greater London Authority, Hampshire County Council, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, London Councils, the London Stansted Cambridge Consortium, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, South East England Councils, Surrey County Council, and Woking Borough Council.

We would also like to thank James Earle (PwC) for his contribution to the research.

The views in this report are nevertheless solely those of Centre for London and the Southern Policy Centre – and all errors and omissions remain our own.

Next-door Neighbours has been produced by Centre for London and the Southern Policy Centre. We would like to thank the report’s sponsors – the Greater London Authority, Hampshire County Council, the London Stansted Cambridge Consortium and Surrey County Council – for their generous support.