What to expect next from this research programme

Homes fit for Londoners: London’s homes today

What to expect next from this research programme

This is the first of two reports planned for Centre for London’s programme, Homes fit for Londoners.

During the second part of the project, running to December 2023, we want to:

  • Deliver a list of policy recommendations for housing in London – which we think would work together as a set, and
  • Use them to influence manifestos and campaign events for the upcoming GLA and general elections.

In early 2024 we will hold a public event to discuss the findings and what the changes that need to happen to improve things for Londoners are.

We want to explore complex topics and difficult ideas. We know that this might be controversial and that it might at times be hard to find agreement, but we think the seriousness of the problem means it’s important for us to ask difficult questions.