Trading Places: London and Freedom of Movement

Londoners’ Views on Brexit

Trading Places: London and Freedom of Movement

While Londoners are unclear about the economic impact of Brexit, they are much clearer on what priorities for negotiation should be.

In negotiating the UK’s future relationship with the EU, European leaders have made it clear that preserving access to the Single Market would entail maintaining the free movement of people, complying with Single Market regulation and, potentially, still making a financial contribution to the EU budget.

Londoners had a clear preference, across most demographic groups, for maintaining market access.

Overall, 59 per cent would prioritise staying in the single market, compared to 29 per cent who would prioritise ending freedom of movement in order to reduce EU migration. In addition, 51 per cent of Londoners are willing for the UK to continue to contribute financially to the EU budget in order to maintain access to the Single Market (see Figure 3).