Future Imperfect? London’s status as a leading global city

Londoners’ Views on Brexit

Future Imperfect? London’s status as a leading global city

Our survey results have shown that Londoners are at worst pessimistic, and at best unclear about the short-term economic impact of Brexit.

But when it comes to thinking slightly longer-term, Londoners appear to be more optimistic. 58 per cent expect that London will still be one of the top global capitals in ten years’ time, though the degree of optimism is much higher among older age groups than among Londoners aged 18-34.

Alongside questions about London’s prominence on the global stage the capital faces challenges closer to home.

Half (51 per cent) of Londoners think that the EU referendum has had a negative impact on social cohesion in the capital.

This view is even shared by 41 per cent of those aged 55-64 and over, which is notable given their general optimism regarding London’s economic future. Perceptions of how Brexit has impacted social cohesion could reflect the reported rise of hate crime since the referendum.