Londoners’ Views on Brexit


The results outlined above show that there is clear concern and uncertainty among Londoners about the impact that Brexit will have both on the capital, and on their own finances, particularly among young Londoners.

When it comes to longer-term expectations, Londoners are more positive, especially when it comes to London’s status as a global city. This suggests that the negative impacts of Brexit – loss of cultural appeal, reduced access to skilled workers etc – are viewed as temporary setbacks to London’s continued success, rather than factors of inexorable decline.

It may be natural for older people, who have seen the city survive crises in the past, to be more sanguine about London’s continued prosperity. But the relatively sceptical view taken by younger Londoners is a worry.

If highly skilled young people begin to leave London, their pessimism may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. London has huge assets – of heritage, of location, of language – but the next generation needs to be assured that there is a clear plan to address the challenges of Brexit and ensure future success. And they need to see action to tackle the problems – like London’s affordability crisis – that still hold the city back.