London Essays – Issue 7: Work


Workplace London is, like the capital itself, diverse and energising: a heartbeat of commercial and social innovation.

By Ian Hawksworth

The world’s greatest city, renowned for its financial prowess, is also a global hub for enterprise and craft. This seventh edition of London Essays, which Capco is proud to support, explores some of the major themes that drive and challenge the city at work.

Capco has long believed that the success of the London mix lies in a unique combination of systems and empathy – systems that work seamlessly; empathy that is entirely human. This mix can be celebrated in the workplace too. As a number of the essays emphasise, work in London is not just about the march of the robots. Together, we can champion the human at work, to understand how we can flourish with an equal voice and fair participation across multiple generations.

Parallel to this edition of London Essays, Capco is supporting a workshop series that explores “growing well” in the capital – helping to inform a future vision for the city in 2040. Emerging ideas on work, play and place will be enshrined in our two great estates in Covent Garden and Earls Court. More on “Futures” in the next edition of London Essays.