London Essays – Issue 6: Night


London at night is a city of powerful contrasts.

By Ian Hawksworth

As this latest set of London Essays illustrates, it can be both energising and inclusive, but also distant and troubling. For every night-time reveller in a city that never sleeps, there is someone who struggles to find warmth and shelter. For every all-night eatery, there are those still struggling to find a meal. And for everyone who is grateful for a brightly-lit route home, there is someone understandably concerned about the intrusion and pollution of light.

London now has its own Night Czar – and we are pleased to welcome Amy Lamé to the role. We are equally delighted at the contribution of Amsterdam’s Night Mayor, Mirik Milan, to this compilation – for once, London is not the pioneer but an eager follower. We can learn much from our European friends. This is the sixth set of London Essays and another excellent contribution to policy and strategic thought on the world’s greatest city. Congratulations to Ben Rogers at Centre for London and to Editor Geraldine Bedell for their enthusiasm and insight – just as London grows, so our understanding of and hope for our city grows alongside it.