Part 2: London futures

London at a crossroads

Part 2: London futures

In the preceding chapters we have described the key features of London’s evolution over the last three decades, including:

  • London’s population changes and demographic dynamics;
  • The key trends in the economy of the capital;
  • Changes in London’s places and environment;
  • The key institutions serving London;
  • The main features of London’s relationship with the rest of the UK;
  • How London is seen internationally, and what it might mean for
    London’s future.

Our survey of London’s recent past highlighted a number of areas in which real progress has been made, as well as some where fundamental problems have not been addressed. Before we look to the potential futures of London, the two tables below summarise in a broad sweep the various achievements and areas for improvement we have surveyed.

In Part 2 we look towards the future. We explore some major forces shaping the world and consider their impact on our city. We also highlight some tensions and possible trade-offs amongst priorities for London. Finally, we consider some possible scenarios for the next phase of London’s development – to foster debate and help us achieve a glimpse of what the future might look like.