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London at a crossroads

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Improving a city is a slow, painstaking process. Political winds change, new crises emerge, and focus shifts. Policy areas compete for priority, for political
capital, for bureaucratic energy, and for budgetary supremacy.

A consensus on London’s strengths and weaknesses, and on the key challenges facing the city, is a good start. In this report, we have built on a decade of Centre for London expertise – and on the wisdom and advice of our partners – to lay out the best evidence we can. We have set out challenges and opportunities we see and backed these with relevant evidence where available. But this is an ambitious task: the report is not exhaustive, and there will be data we have missed as well as perspectives left unrepresented. To close this gap, we will be commissioning further research, polling and other analysis over the next phase of the London Futures review.

To directly help us shape a new consensus for London’s future we hope to hear from Londoners, especially young Londoners, as much as possible. We also need to hear your views – as well as those within your community or organisation. If you have insights, ideas, or just an opinion about the challenges facing London, we invite you to share these with us on social media using the hashtag #LDNFutures  and encourage others to get involved too. Please visit for all the latest on how to get involved.