About London Futures

Greater London: A new vision for a better city

About London Futures

London Futures has been an ambitious programme to shape the future of London. In partnership with London’s leading organisations – including the Mayor, London’s boroughs, national government, businesses, charities and universities – this multi-year programme has examined the state of London today and worked with Londoners to create a shared vision for the city to 2050 and beyond. It aimed to deliver a new narrative for London, its role in the UK, and its position in the world.

The first phase of London Futures examined London’s recent history and development to the present day. It also looked at the range of challenges facing the city and how these might play out in the near future. This report is the culmination of the second phase, in which we engaged with Londoners on the big questions raised by our first report. This phase spanned the delayed mayoral election and so coincided with the process of Londoners deciding who should next lead their city. In this report, we establish what matters to Londoners and set out a new vision for a better city.